Louis's Story 

After five years of working for a mining company, I decided to pursue a new career and become a judge. I obtained a judgeship and began my position with determination and a conviction to ensure parties receive justice.  

During the first seven months of being a judge, I did not receive a single payment for my work. I also chose not to accept bribes of any amount. As a consequence of refusing to take bribes, I was rated “insufficient” in my job. Even worse, there were several nights when my wife and I had to watch our baby girl go without milk to fill her young stomach. These hardships did not come as a surprise to me. I knew that refusing to participate in bribery would come with a cost. 

Although my life was difficult, I was encouraged by others to continue to work with character and integrity. I was at peace with my decision to perform my job with true integrity. In my mind, hardship and suffering are not excuses for compromise. Thankfully, that seven-month period without receiving a salary ended, and I was finally paid for my work, including back pay for the seven months. 

The opportunity to compromise my integrity continues. However, I have been blessed immeasurably by maintaining my convictions. As I have continued to work, my job ratings have been upgraded from “insufficient” to “excellent,” allowing me to be promoted. Even more important, I know that maintaining my integrity is the way to ensure parties receive justice. 

Just as I have maintained my integrity in the face of challenging circumstances, you can too. If you are struggling with maintaining your integrity, you do not have to go through these challenging times alone. Mentors at Issues Lawyers Face are available to walk beside you as a friend.


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