Free and Confidential

This service is offered free of charge through others’ gifts of time and money. Our mentors are volunteers, many of whom are attorneys. All conversations are strictly confidential and take place through the Issues Lawyers Face (ILF) platform through written communication. No personal contact information is shared outside of ILF, nor is it shared between mentors and mentees. And mentees can choose an alias when communicating with mentors if so desired. If you would like to make a donation to support our work, you can do so here


Why We Care

As lawyers, we have our fair share of issues. Sometimes they are disorienting, confusing, and even lead to despair. We believe help can be found by sharing one’s issues with someone who genuinely listens and cares. This kind of relationship can help someone find hope. We believe lasting hope also comes from a relationship with the Creator. Although our mentors have a Christian worldview, mentees can have a very beneficial conversation regardless of their beliefs. Mentors have been thoroughly trained and resourced to have conversations in an empathetic, respectful, and encouraging manner.


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