Journey With Lawyers & Law Students


As a lawyer or law student, are you looking for more joy in your walk with God? Do you have a desire to share the compassion and message of Christ with your peers without preaching at them? Through FLAG's partnership with The Mentor Ministry (TMM), mentoring gives you an easy, safe, and anonymous way to learn how to journey with hurting people online and to share the gospel as the Holy Spirit leads. You can discover the joy of helping people know Jesus.

The process is simple: lawyers or law students visit and let us know they would like to correspond with an online mentor. A mentor then engages the lawyer or law student in an anonymous online, written conversation, providing an opportunity to find hope and healing through Jesus. This is not counseling. Lawyers or law students needing professional help will be referred outside the platform. Training, coaching, and many other resources are provided to you. 

Become a mentor today and make a difference. 



7 Reasons to Serve Lawyers and Law Students


You get to interact with people from around the world right from your home or office. Even countries closed to missionaries are reachable through the internet


You'll grow spiritually as you rely on God to listen compassionately and help people take the next step on their spiritual journeys.


You get to partner with Jesus in fulfilling His great commission. Helping a person come to know Jesus is one of the most exciting things you'll ever experience.


You can remain anonymous, safe, and secure in our mentoring platform.


You have time to pray and think before responding, a luxury you don't always have in face-to-face conversations.


You get to set the number of new mentees per week so you can fit mentoring into your busy life.


We have training, coaching, and many resources to help you along the way.






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